Welcome to the Megapunk blog! We are a reputable technology company dedicated to providing the best catering equipment to all our customers. We already supply satisfied clients all over the globe including Germany, Brazil, Israel, Vietnam, Portugal, India, and Singapore. Our products include everything needed in the catering industry, from knives and forks to factory sized dishwashers. For delivering food we stock stainless steel service trolleys with a clean and professional look that is vital for any restaurant or dining hall. These sleek but practical trolleys are also ideal for use in hotels, food, and beverage factories, and even at home. All our products are tested before mass production, allowing us to offer a one-year warranty including parts. 

About Megapunk Company

Founded in 2019, Megapunk is a young and positive brand which focuses on supplying excellent kitchen equipment for clients all over the world. Based in Shandong, we have established 3 factories scattered in Shandong, Canton and Sichuan. We can deliver high quality products to you from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu and Qingdao. We have 3 production lines associated with manufacturing industrial kitchen cookers, all of which can be customised to satisfy your needs in the process of food cooking. We also have an ongoing research team to look into new products for the special needs of food processing. Megapunk is not just an assembly plant but also a factory developing and producing core parts for ourselves and our customers. We are focused on producing high quality products with an excellent after sales service.  

Ordering from Us

We encourage you to visit our website and look over the vast supply of quality products we offer at very competitive rates. On our up to date and easy to navigate website you will find exact images of the products we produce. We also provide vital information regarding product warranty and specifications, so you will have no doubt about the product you are ordering. Although we are a relatively new company, we already have experience freighting our products all over the world. Once you order something from us it will be delivered on time and intact. On our site we also offer videos of a lot of the products we supply, so you can view these as your virtual showroom.